Saturday, June 14, 2014

2014 FIFA World Cup: Chile Tops Australia 3-1

2014 FIFA World Cup, Australia, Chile

Chile 3 - Australia 1

Chile got hot and had three goal to defeat Australia 3-1. The match was very exciting and it was a close game despite the score 3-1. Chile gave an impressive performance with the win.

Australia was tough they hang until the last second of the game. Chile controlled the play early, they dominate the ball. It looked like Chile would coast with a win early on, but it didn't go that way.  Australia responded with toughness and resilience after Sanchez and Valdivia goals for Chile that gave them 2 goal leads.  Tim Cahill added another goal for Chile with a header. Australia went close to breaking it even on both sides of the half-time break and Bresciano almost levelled but Bravo amazingly save the ball.
It was an exciting soccer game tonight, but Chile is just the better team.

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